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How To Eat An Elephant do you eat an elephant?  The answer is, of course, "one bite at a time."  Silly question, right?  Well, how about this do you become a disciple of Jesus?  That question seems to be much harder to answer but it's actually exactly the become a disciple of Jesus one step at a time.  Join us this January as we learn to "eat the elephant" of discipleship and become more like Jesus every day!

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Children’s Ministry

The children’s ministry at CCCJ believes every child is created in the image of God and deserves the very best. Our goal is to create a fun, exciting environment that kids love and want to come back to week after week!

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Student’s Ministry

The student ministry at CCCJ exists to help students become multiplying disciple-makers, by teaching them to come to God, to thrive with believers, and to go win the world for Jesus.

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Women’s Ministry

The women’s ministry at CCCJ works to connect women with the heart of Jesus through monthly gatherings and special events!

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Senior’s Ministry

The senior’s ministry at CCCJ believes that the later years can be the most productive time of our life. We want to connect seniors with opportunities where they can impart their wisdom and faith to the rest of our body!

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Eat The Elephant With Us!

18 Jan. 2018

How do you eat an elephant anyway?  Well, you eat it one bite at a time, of course.  You grow as a disciple in exactly the same intentional step at a time.

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Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

17 Jan. 2018

Right here in Matthew 7, Jesus is warning you to be careful who you listen to.  You were designed to live and thrive in community and when you feel overwhelmed by life, you'll need to turn to other people for support, encouragement and direction.  But not all of those people have your best interests in mind.  They'll look healthy.  They may sound healthy.  They may even have a reputation for being healthy.  But if someone is driven by selfish motives, they're a ticking time bomb and you're in the danger zone.

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The God Of “Normal Things”

10 Jan. 2018

A few years ago, Grace and I were taking communion and explaining the whole process to Andrew, who was about 5 years old at the time.  We'd just finished reading "The Message For Kids" (a great children's Bible) from cover to cover so he was curious about the whole process.

As we stood there as a family, I explained how the piece of bread reminded us about Jesus' body on the cross.  He was listening and nodding and I was cruising toward victory.  At least, I was until I picked up the cup of juice and explained how it reminded us of Jesus' blood.  He solemnly nodded and raised the cup to his lips.  But then he paused and lowered it back down.  Looking me square in the eye, he said as seriously he could...  "Dad.  This doesn't help me at all.  Just eating and drinking normal stuff doesn't make me think about Jesus."

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