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Parables: Secrets Of The Kingdom Of Heaven

The Kingdom of Heaven isn't just something you're waiting for.  You're not just enduring right now so you can hope to live in the Kingdom of Heaven after you die.  The Kingdom of Heaven has already come near and God has issued you an open invitation to experience His Kingdom right now!  So join us this October and let Jesus' words unlock the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven in your life!

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Children’s Ministry

The children’s ministry at CCCJ believes every child is created in the image of God and deserves the very best. Our goal is to create a fun, exciting environment that kids love and want to come back to week after week!

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Student’s Ministry

The student ministry at CCCJ exists to help students become multiplying disciple-makers, by teaching them to come to God, to thrive with believers, and to go win the world for Jesus.

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Women’s Ministry

The women’s ministry at CCCJ works to connect women with the heart of Jesus through monthly gatherings and special events!

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Senior’s Ministry

The senior’s ministry at CCCJ believes that the later years can be the most productive time of our life. We want to connect seniors with opportunities where they can impart their wisdom and faith to the rest of our body!

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2 Oct. 2017

This past Sunday, we launched a series called "Parables" and spent quite a bit of time talking about a specific Greek word, kairos.  We defined kairos as "a moment pregnant with possibility."  I have come to look forward to kairos moments, whether it's a moment when the Holy Spirit speaks to me or a moment when an opportunity arises or a moment when life shifts dramatically.  Kairos can be positive and joyful, or they can appear painfully and abruptly.  Regardless of how a kairos moment reveals itself, I have learned to pause, process the moment and proceed based on how God is leading me. 

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Don’t Fight Like An Elephant

20 Sep. 2017

Fights are inevitable in relationships.  Any time two people with different opinions, backgrounds and personalities spend enough time together, there will be disagreements.  Even within the church.

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Chase The Zebra

19 Sep. 2017

If you chase your dream, you're not guaranteed success...

...but if you don't chase your dream, you ARE guaranteed to fail.

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